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Digital Organization Spotlight Series: Meet the People Behind Long View - Catherine

Meet Catherine, Principal Architect, Office of the CTO at Long View Systems 

As employee number 15 at Long View, Catherine has spent the past twenty years of her career helping clients to “build for the way the 
world should work versus improving how it does work.” 

In this Spotlight Series post, we get up close and personal with Catherine regarding the Digital Organization and the role she plays in delivering tangible outcomes for Long View clients. 

In your own words Catherine, what does the Digital Organization mean to you?

When I think of the Digital Organization, I look at it from the standpoint of three specific areas regarding its value proposition. 

To start, I look to understand the challenges or problems a business is facing, and how we can help our clients to solve them with technology by creating a seamless user experience. 

When I say seamless, I am talking about designing technology in a way that simplifies the user experience and delivers savings through optimization and greater efficiency, all in a secure manner. 

Another key area of focus is analytics. Finding ways to make sense of an organization’s data and enabling them to visualize and gain the needed insight to solve their problems through advanced Business Intelligence or BI - which is the hallmark of a true Digital Organization. 

Finally, and this is key, finding the right balance between saving money and delivering optimal value while ensuring maximum security of their infrastructure – including their data, is the solid foundation for building a Digital Organization.   

In your role at Long View, how do you mak
e the Digital Organization tangible and add value to clients? 

I believe that the ultimate benefits of the Digital Organization go beyond merely saving money. For me, it is all about finding ways to enable companies to reposition employees to higher-value tasks. 

By empowering the business with technologies such as Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation “RPA”, the Digital Organization will be able to streamline simple and repeatable tasks to enable people to do more. 

In this regard, my role is to help our clients to create a clear technology roadmap towards achieving these core outcomes. 

Speaking of
 the above outcomes, why do you believe Long View is the ideal partner for clients? 

It comes down to one thing, being tech empowered, and people-driven. 

As your partner, we walk the talk when it comes to building a robust Digital Organization. 

The digital transformation of any business is about people and culture as much as it is about amazing technology. The strength of our organization is its people, and the culture of the company, which is what has kept me here for the past twenty years and will keep me here for the next twenty years. 

Leveraging technology to drive greater efficiencies and savings is in Long View’s cultural DNA. It is an intrinsic part of how we deliver maximum value by partnering with our clients to achieve the desired outcomes. 

It is with this mindset that I help decision-makers transform their business with technology: by building trust through the delivery of successful solutions.   

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