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Data Centric Empowerment In The Digital Age

You have undoubtedly heard the famous quote; “what’s in a name.”

In this article, I would like you to join me as I delve a little deeper into that question regarding Pure Storage and the evolution of data management.

You see in this age of digital transformation; the word transformation takes on a very real and important meaning for a modern data storage company like ours in that we believe organizations must liberate themselves from managing their data and move towards truly leveraging it to transform their businesses.

In other words, you can no longer look at data as something you store but, as a critical asset, in which you can turn it into intelligence and ultimately competitive advantage. Or as one of my associates put it; “Data is the new oil – it is the single most important asset that companies have today.”

To maximize your return on such a valuable asset requires that you adopt what I call a data-centric architecture framework. Specifically, organizations have to put data at the core of their infrastructure in which they manage their “own” data-as-a-service environment, through the provision of rich storage services. These storage services are controlled and delivered to support production, development/testing, and analytics environments.

In establishing your data-centric architecture, you need to:

·       Consolidate and simplify on flash;

·       Provide real-time accessibility with the necessary performance to power next-gen analytics and insights;

·       Create an on-demand and self-driving capability that transforms your storage team into a storage service provider for the organization;

·       Accommodate a multi-cloud environment, allowing you to manage data across private clouds, public clouds, or no clouds;

·       Ensure ongoing or continuous adaptability so that your data architecture is ready to support what the business will demand, including AI, advanced analytics, DevOps, containerization, and CI/CD.


Based on the above, when you think of Pure Storage, recognize that besides delivering a simple, don’t need to read the instructions evergreen data platform, we are helping everyone to turn their data into intelligence and advantage, and through it empowering innovators to build a better world.

Now, this is what I call true digital (and business) transformation.

The Pure Storage team is looking forward to meeting you at Long View’s ACTIVATEDIGITAL 2018 Conference on February 27th in Guelph to share more exciting insights into how we can empower you to put data to work for your organization!

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