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Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are considering implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s important to know what benefits to expect. Let’s dive deeper into what it offers.

Ease of Use
Use it in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud setting. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has an intuitive user interface that is incredibly clear.

Dynamics 365 is based on Microsoft’s new app market, AppSource, where you can easily search and find the apps that you and your company need. When your needs change, you can effortlessly search for an app that can help you.

If your company requires employees to have their own devices, employees will be able to access all of their information through its cloud-based functions. Conditional access provides policies and configurations that control which devices have access to various services and data sources.

Fully Integrates With Microsoft Products
Dynamics 365 easily integrates with other Microsoft products, including the full Office 365 suite. These integrations allow companies to move from Dynamics 365 to Outlook for communication, to Power BI for data analytics or to SharePoint for documentation.

Dynamics 365 can easily scale up or down depending on your current team size, budget and workload. Dynamics 365, like most other Microsoft cloud products, is based on an easy-to-change monthly subscription.

Its advanced automation functions also help identify redundancies in resources and processes. This goes a long way to save on costs.

Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses the cloud for its functions, you also save money on having to maintain your own servers and hardware.

Dynamics 365 has many built-in workflow tools and modules. They can help you automate functions and tasks across marketing, customer service, field service, sales, and project service.

If you find that the built-in tools are not offering exactly the functions that you need, we can customize them for you.

You can also expect flexibility in the program’s architecture. There are pricing tiers which allow you to customize the program to your budget and team size.

Increased Productivity
Dynamics makes employees more productive, because they have access to both the insights they need to make the best decisions and the tools they need to do their work. By combining ERP, CRM, Office, and additional apps into one, cloud-based experience on a common data model

Improve Your Business
To reduce costs, improve efficiency, and offer the customer service your clients deserve, you want to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 features robust security and access controls for apps and data that are built into the cloud services, including the physical data center, network connectivity, service hosting platform, and user and administrator access.

All in all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides great potential to streamline line-of-business, and allow increasing agility for companies, and reducing costs.

Would you like to know more? Contact us and we would be happy to give you a demonstration to how Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you competitive advantage.

Understand your customers in a completely new way

Dynamics 365 brings together any kind of customer data so you get the complete picture of the customers. You can use pre-built KPIs to truly understand the customer journey with real-time updates. You get the ability to personalize the customer experience and to easily measure and track the health of customer relationships.

Learn more about our Dynamics 365 here.

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