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Are Your SCCM Clients Healthy?

Let’s face it.  Although System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is a great tool for software installation, patch implementation, and just down right making a System’s Administrator’s job a lot easier, it’s not perfect.  For all of the fore mentioned things to take place, one major component needs to be working spot on. The SCCM machine client.

The SCCM machine client is what communicates between the computer and the Management Point in the SCCM infrastructure to allow software to be pushed from software Distribution Points to the workstation or server and either installs required software, such as patches or updates, or makes applications available for install to a certain collection of devices or users.  When there is a breakdown in communication between the client and the Management Point, the machine never receives these important updates, which could lead to the machines not working properly or possibly making them susceptible to virus attacks.  Needless to say, improper client remediation can possibly be a costly expense to a corporation, if not addressed immediately.

Throughout the years, SCCM Administrators have had their struggles with finding the cause of faulty clients and performing a proper remediation. In most cases, it may be simpler to just uninstall and reinstall the client. But, what about the circumstances that can’t be solved by this method? Do you back up the data on the machine, re-image the machine, and start fresh?  Of course not.  That’s when you need someone with the knowledge and powerful tools to help you find out what the underlying problems could be.  These issues could range from a corrupt WMI to communications between endpoints.  But, how do you troubleshoot these types of issues and get down to the solution?  That’s where Long View Systems comes in.  Long View has top notch SCCM Consultants that have the expertise and tools needed to perform a total assessment of, not only your system client health, but your entire SCCM Infrastructure.  And the end of your SCCM Health assessment, your Long View Consultant will provide you a report, go over the issues that need to be addressed to provide the best SCCM environment possible, and give you step by step procedures on how they can fix the problems that plague your current infrastructure.


Jasper McLarrin, Systems Consultant, Long View Systems

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