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Amica Senior Lifestyles: Setting A New Standard For Senior Living Through Digital Transformation

At Amica when we talk about setting a new standard for senior living in Canada, we think about it from the standpoint of creating hybrid hospitality and health care services. Specifically, combining unparalleled premium hospitality and amenities with expert care and support to deliver a personalized senior living experience.

My role as Vice President, Information Technology is to lead the technological transformation at Amica by leveraging emerging digital technologies to create an intuitively advanced, secure IT infrastructure.

Digitizing Health Care Records

Our digital transformation began with the recognition that making resident health records electronically available on the frontlines to our team would enable them to increase their face-to-face time with our seniors as it would lessen their administrative tasks significantly. It would also enable our residents to have a more active participatory role in their health care decisions.

In short, our technology initiatives provide our team members with the tools and resources they need to deliver the highest level of personalized care on a daily basis.

However, and even though we are moving rapidly towards the realization of our digital objectives, we also recognize the fact that when it comes to personal electronic records, security is foremost on everyone’s mind.

Security In The Cloud

Delivering the highest quality senior care in the digital age requires more than technological advancement and availability. It requires a high degree of expertise to eliminate any potential risks that would compromise the privacy of our residents while still providing the maximum benefits.

The need to effectively address these security requirements is where our partnership with Long View comes into play.

Relying heavily on Long View’s expertise to not only assist us with the digital transformation of our practice but to do so through the creation of a fully secured platform is the key to our strategy’s ongoing success. Success in this regard is the ability to proactively monitor the “threat landscape” and manage all risks to protect the privacy of our seniors.

Peace Of Mind And Life Enrichment

Serving 29 locations across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, our forward-looking digital transformation initiative will enable Amica to deliver a high-quality care-based service to our senior residents, that enhances both the quality and enjoyment of their lives while providing peace of mind for their families.

Long View Perspective

Having been in the security industry for many years, I can tell you with confidence that even the best protective measures be it with people or technology, will not protect you unless you understand the makeup of your security ecosystem.

Intrinsic to Amica’s success with their digital transformation strategy is securing and ensuring the privacy of personal health records. At Activate Digital 2019 we will share with you the insights and expertise to protect your confidential information while helping you to realize the full promise of your digital initiative with confidence. As seating is limited, I would encourage you to register today. – Garry Hawkings, CISO at Long View Systems

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