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Taking The Long View: Microsoft Consultant Ravi Yadav Tells Us What Makes a Microsoft Partner of the Year

Long View’s mission is to create a space where our team can have healthy lives and prosperous careers. For us, it all comes back to our people. We couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishment of winning Microsoft Partner of the Year for 2019. In that spirit, we wanted to talk to some of our great Microsoft consultants to get their unique perspectives on what winning Partner of the Year means to them, and why they’ve chosen to focus on Microsoft solutions with Long View.


How long have you been at Long View?

2 years this summer!


How long have you been an MS specialist?

Since the inception of my career in roughly 2006 working with Active Directory, and it’s progressed to working with Azure over that 12-13 years.


What has made you want to stay focused on Microsoft for that time?

I started with something that seemed normal and natural to me, and now there’s a level of comfort, but passion as well. I’ve always enjoyed what Microsoft has been doing, it’s exciting space. They’re industry leading, not playing catch up so it’s always exciting.


Winning Partner of the Year was a huge accomplishment that is thanks to the hard work of our team, like you. What would you say was your contribution to Partner of the Year?

There’s been a lot of engagements over the last year that the team has really taken the lead on. For myself, some of the Azure services we’re offering today, I worked with the account teams to get those innovative offerings to market.


Where do we go from Partner of the Year?

For example, right now we’re doing some very cutting edge work with a large financial institution. It’s new work for our Toronto branch, and it’s really extended our engagement there, and brought on new engagements there and potentially new opportunities with other financial institutions. Showing our dedication and effectiveness working with Microsoft is a big differentiator for us.


Do you have a favourite project or an accomplishment that you’re most proud of?

Microsoft reached out to us last year with regards to doing some Azure assessments. I took that initiative with our sales team, and as a result of our work there we’ve been able to build a template and extend that service to other clients and across other branches. This was something new to myself and Long View, and not only were we successful at the original concept, we can now repeat it across our other branches as well.

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