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20 Success Stories for 20 Years in Business: Cisco Edition

Case Study #7 With a focus on people, one of Alberta’s largest financial institutions chose Long View to help create a “WOW” experience for the 753,000 Albertan’s it serves through its 300 branches and agencies.

To become #1 in every market, you are in; you must have a plan. With more than $51.9 billion in assets, an integral part of the plan for one the largest Alberta-based financial institution is people.

Already being THE place to work for its 5,300 employees, the client also wanted to unify its diverse network topologies to create a consistent “WOW” experience for the Albertans in the 244 communities it serves.

Looking for partners with whom to share the same values and people vision, the client chose Long View and Cisco. By leveraging the technical and collaborative expertise of the Long View – Cisco partnership, the institution now has a standardized topology across the board with a shared central cloud management team.

As a result, the client continues to transform people’s understanding of what “banking can – and – should make possible” and with it the banking industry as a whole.



  • The client had an extensive network of 300 branches and agencies with different network topologies creating numerous challenges and management issues
  • Establishing a standardized topology to create a unified experience at all agencies was critical to the institution’s realization of its goals as a financial institution


  • Implemented Meraki MX series routers with shared centralized cloud management by Long View Systems and the client


  • A “WOW” experience for Albertans in the province when dealing with an agency in any town


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