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20 Success Stories for 20 Years in Business: Cisco Edition

Case Study #6 An integrated Canadian oil and natural gas company that relies on the strength of its relationships to succeed made Long View the natural choice for its Cisco procurement partner.

It takes reliable partners and strong relationships for this Canadian energy company to maximize value while adhering to an unwavering commitment to the sustainable development of its assets in a safe, innovative and cost-efficient manner.

Maintaining the high standards regarding environmental, social and governance accountability, in which its operations include oil sands projects as well as natural gas and oil production, can be demanding and at times highly complex.

Given the level of demand and complexity regarding the energy company’s Cisco acquisition strategy the partner with whom they chose to work to streamline their procurement process had to have the same level of commitment to delivering maximum value. The partner they chose was Long View Systems.

Through the introduction of a Procurement-as-a-Service agreement (PaaS) Long View was able to implement a procurement methodology that enabled the company to realize a new, and a higher level of efficiency to maximize the utilization and returns on its Cisco assets.


  • Streamline the company’s Cisco acquisition process to maximize asset utilization and value


  • Structured and introduced a Procurement-as-a-Service agreement (PaaS)


  • Successfully implemented a streamlined procurement methodology for Cisco products
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