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20 Success Stories for 20 Years in Business: Cisco Edition

Case Study #5 For the world’s best pet food company, trust is the cornerstone of their brand and way of doing business, which is why they chose Long View and Cisco as their digital transformation partners.

Being recognized as the best at what you do, be it with the provision of a service or providing the world’s best pet food requires a strong commitment to excellence and building trust with your customers. Commitment and trust are the cornerstones of the world’s best pet food company’s culture and success.

So, it was not surprising that when facing the daunting challenge of digitally transforming their operations in several key areas including brand reputation, cybersecurity, infrastructure capacity and stability, they would want to work with partners whose values aligned with theirs. The partners they chose was Long View Systems and Cisco.

Working with the company’s new CIO, Long View and Cisco have helped to not only identify new opportunities for digital advancement of their business but also showed them how to maximize the value and return of existing IT assets.

Building trust by always striving to deliver the best solutions to our customers is at the heart of the Long View – Cisco partnership.


  • The company was in a state of rapid digital transformation
  • There was an urgent need for the new CIO to address multiple business-critical issues around brand reputation, cybersecurity, infrastructure capacity and stability, among many others
  • Current “partners” were not adding much if any value
  • IT team had become exhausted both from a capacity as well as capability perspective


  • Worked together to demonstrate to the client the value in not only retaining their current Cisco assets and investments but how they could realize additional benefits through the proper configuration
  • Introduced new possibilities around connected remote sites, security, management, and increased scalability
  • Assigned senior-level resources to work through business requirements, redesign and recommendations


  • The client has turned a corner on realizing the value in the Long View – Cisco partnership
  • Long View and Cisco now have the responsibility of operational network approvals, indicating that they trust our judgement
  • Long View and Cisco are now part of the company’s site tours and strategy sessions
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