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Case Study #3 A large Canadian utility operator had grown very rapidly over the past several years, in large part through M&A activities of regulated distribution utility assets and companies. As a result of the history of acquisitions, not all IT environments were using a common set of tools. The client was running 12 virtualized call centers with personnel distributed across ~40 locations. These call centers were operating on 1 of 3 call center technology environments; two operated on different Cisco technologies and the third operated on an Interactive Intelligence environment. The cost and effort to maintain these three environments was not sustainable. Moreover, this critical environment did not support the growth strategy nor the single, superior client experience which was critical to the client as a business outcome.

Working with Cisco, the Long View team deployed Cisco’s innovative Collaboration Architecture supporting Contact Centre applications. The Cisco Collaboration Architecture offered significant competitive advantages; by breaking down barriers to collaborate and integrate systems for organizations which use different content formats, tools, and devices. Key benefits also included gaining architectural flexibility, organizational agility in order to quickly respond to the changing needs of this client’s business.

The business outcome?

Included the consolidation of multiple contact centers and disparate infrastructure onto a single platform which will enable more efficient future M&A activities as part of this client’s growth plans to ultimately increase speed to market. In addition to reduced OPEX and an improved client experience, this innovative solution also reduced business risk. Two contact centers were established for business contingency – one in Canada and the other in the USA. Lastly, it also led to simplification and enabled this utility operator to free up staff to focus on more strategic business initiatives and projects. Now that’s driving business outcomes, adding value and improving agility for this client.

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