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20 Success Stories for 20 Years in Business: Cisco Edition

Case Study #2

A city in Southern Ontario approached Long View with the following business challenges 1) How to anticipate future line of business technology and software requirements 2) Managing a growing software footprint and the difficulty in managing multiple license and solution deployments and 3) Siloed collaboration issues. Lines of businesses were having difficulty collaborating/meeting due to many disparate geographic office locations within the city.

Partnering with Cisco, the solution became clear. Simplicity. Enterprise Agreements will now provide the city with a single contract, address all solutions with one term which will reduce management expense of tracking software dates. Plus, easy to access and deploy required software licenses to meet city objectives.

The business outcome? City staff will now be able to streamline their process, increase employee productivity, encourage innovative ways to resolve challenges, and facilitate relationships with internal lines of business, external partners and citizens more effectively. Extending collaboration everywhere with HD video, voice rich media conferencing into a single unified meeting experience, the city is well-positioned on their transformational journey.

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