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Long View’s extensive experience in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, government and aerospace throughout North America has proven that customers need to be able to rely on the full spectrum of solutions offered by HPE. We will design, implement and deliver the right resources to improve your IT performance.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hand-pick the mix of applications and services that work for your organization. The Long View team of cloud transformation experts can provide the right mix of hybrid cloud as a service with the security and price point you need.

Contact us to create an IT plan that dynamically links on-premise, the cloud and edge computing.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) will give you a simpler, faster, and more efficient platform that operates with little human intervention and enables you to develop and deploy apps faster. SDI solutions automate IT operations and streamline management of resources, workloads, and apps by deploying and controlling data center infrastructure as code. By making your infrastructure intelligent you can:

  • Optimize IT operations with continuous delivery
  • Simplify operations and lower costs
  • Develop and deploy apps faster

Azure infographic

5 reasons why you should choose HPE for your Microsoft Azure Stack solution

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack is an Azure hybrid cloud solution that allows you to run Azure-consistent services in the data center, providing a comprehensive and simplified development, management, and security experience.

Infographic - HPE Synergy at a Glance

HPE Synergy at a Glance

Software-defined composable infrastructure to manage and deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload

  • Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale (standup services in minutes with a single line of code)
  • Develop apps faster and smarter
  • Automate everyday operations
  • 94% faster delivery of compute

Integrated IT management that transforms compute, storage and networking into software-defined infrastructure to automate tasks and accelerate your business.

Simplify and automate your IT operations with:

  • 63% faster deployment
  • 46% faster storage deployment
  • 68% less unplanned downtime

Artificial Intelligence for your Hybrid Cloud World. Every second, HPE InfoSight analyses and correlates millions of sensors from all of our globally deployed systems. HPE InfoSight continuously learns as it analyses this data, making every system smarter and more reliable.

Four Ways HPE InfoSight is uniquely beneficial

  • Breadth of Telemetry – HPE InfoSight has been gathering data since 2010, giving an architectural advantage the competition would find challenging to match.
  • Awareness beyond storage – HPE InfoSight looks beyond isolated arrays, providing visibility and analytics that resolve and prevent problems across the entire infrastructure stack.
  • Applied data science and machine learning – Planning, managing, and expanding your infrastructure is simplified, thanks to continued learning that provides statistically accurate predictions and insights.
  • Preemptive recommendations – HPE InfoSight is the first and only AI recommendation engine!

Everything as a Service

Innovate faster and without limits. HPE GreenLake is an agnostic multi-cloud, multi-stack managed service for public and private clouds that simplifies operations to help you reduce risk, eliminate complexity, and accelerate cloud adoption.

Consume and Operate IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Consume and Operate IT as a Service (ITaaS);

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity provides a consumption-based IT payment model that aligns cash flow to actual capacity usage. Discover how an agile approach to IT can help you scale quickly to accommodate growth and take on new business initiatives.

Why choose consumption based IT?

  • Faster time to market – main a safe buffer of capacity, ready for use when you need it
  • Better IT economics – pay per use aligned to business outcomes, Cloud economics on-prem. Metering on one business related metric, paid monthly, all inclusive, Save on overprovisioning (38% of IT infrastructure costs).
  • Simpler IT – operated for you with a single point of contact. Continually improve IT operations (efficiency up 28%)
  • With the proper control – On-premises in your IT environment
  • Flexibility, on your terms