Windows 365 For Your Business

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Windows 365 is the world’s first Cloud PC that allow users to securely stream apps, data, content, and settings from the Microsoft Cloud to any device. ​

Register for our Windows 365 webinar to learn how Windows 365 can help your organization. In this webinar we will discuss the below areas:

  • Present benefit of transition to Windows 365
  • Secure hybrid work scenarios
  • Microsoft Windows 365 as a simple and consistent Windows experience run in the cloud
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the Windows 365 via a hands-on demo
  • Action plan for getting started

Windows 365 can address the following business scenarios for your organization: ​

  1. Streamline management of devices for remote teams and new hires​
  2. Expand your cloud capacity and storage within minutes and lower data center costs ​
  3. Securely provide access to your internal resources for third-party professionals such as outsourced staff, agents, and inspectors


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