Why You Need SD-WAN

Check out the top challenges that CIOs are facing today with their networks. Then read about how Champion Pet Foods was able to shift to SD-WAN in less than two months. Also included is the Ultimate Checklist for your SD-WAN solution, and reasons why you should consider SD-WAN as your wave of the modern network.


The ultimate SD-WAN Checklist 

  • More devices and “things” are connecting to the network, producing even more data 
  • Acceleration of applications moving out of the data center to the cloud 
  • IT teams having to support multiple locations, with multiple carriers, multiple everything 
  • Large carrier contracts, with circuit costs increasing whether used or not 
  • Network reliability is being stretched exponentially 
  • Ever-present need for increased security with threat detection – taking months to get it is not good enough 


SD-WAN Discovery

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