Customer Case Study: Oil and Gas Client and Long View - Azure Migration





Client is a major energy infrastructure company that focuses on the transportation, processing, and storage of energy products across Western Canada and Europe. They have 1,000 employees and operate in Western Canada and Northern Europe. Client is an essential part of the energy sector, ensuring the efficient movement and management of energy resources. Their commitment to safety, sustainability, and community engagement shows their value in the industry.

Challenges Faced

Client had some infrastructure in Azure and the remaining infrastructure in their datacenter. The client wanted to reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure as well as show accountability to the business for actual infrastructure support. Migrating to Azure and having a single platform made the chargeback to the business much easier to support.


Long View utilized the Azure Migration program to properly implement a successful migration to Azure. The steps included 1. Assessment 2. Planning and Design 3. Deployment and Test and 4. Migration and cutover.

The migration was split into three phases.

Phase 1 was a review of the existing landing zone as there were changes needed due to the updates to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework.

Phase 2 involved an application rationalization to develop the test plan.

Phase 3 involved the migration of 35 VMs which were a mix of Windows Server and Linux operating systems and 3 SQL databases and the deployment of Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Defender for Server.

The project took around 4 months to finish and increased the Azure consumption to $124,000 per year. Next projects are containerization and application modernization.