Cost Management, Governance, and Sustainable Cost Savings Program

Get Smarter About Tech Spending

Understand the true cost of your technology.


Economic pressures are mounting, and with traditional cost reduction mechanisms exhausted, organizations are looking for new ways to reduce spending. With a company-wide technology audit, rationalization, reduction and remediation review we can help you reduce and reallocate your tech spend, so every dollar is doing its job.

In partnership with BCC Holdings, we can help:

  • Understand and quantify the true cost of IT to your organization
  • Develop a Sustainable Cost Savings (SCS) program that reduces your current IT spend for the next 4 years
  • Address the necessary cultural and governance changes to enable future digital transformations

Outcomes of a Cost Management, Governance and Sustainable Cost Savings (SCS) Program are as follows:

  1. Improved governance.
    • Align IT goals with business goals
    • Define the decision making process and success metrics for your tech spend
    • Help your business establish a common understanding of what services fall under IT’s purview
  2. Increased operational effectiveness.
    • Apply a repeatable rightsizing model across all technology functions
    • Understand and evaluate recommendations around automation and cost savings opportunities
    • Define processes to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Establish communication channels between IT and its customers
  3. Better cost management.
    • Understand if the budget for IT expenditures sits in the right department, who approves capital expenditures in IT, and who negotiates contracts for IT services

Case Study

Vice President Digital & Information Technology

"BCCH was engaged to build a program and approach to identifying both short and long term sustainable cost optimization opportunities in our digital and technology landscape. The approach and results were outstanding leaving the enabling team with a prioritized list of opportunities and a marketable improvement in how the team culturally looks at driving forward looking optimization work"

Outcomes of the program:

  • $95 mill of gross savings over a 3 year period
  • Built a sustainable 4-year G&A rationalisation and reduction plan

The results of a SCS program are measured in millions of in-year dollars saved with finance-vetted 5-year net savings.

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