Cloud Analyzer

Integrated visibility & automation for cloud optimization.

One platform, from visibility
to actionability

Stay on top of your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. Whether you are running web services, container workloads, big data, or even stateful applications, Cloud Analyzer is where your journey to continuous cloud optimization begins.

Why Choose Spot's Cloud Analyzer:

  • Unparalleled visibility - Gain operational insights with cost analysis into all cloud deployments. Detect irregular cloud spend to identify root cause for remediation.
  • Actionable guidance - Receive actionable cost and usage optimization recommendations that you can implement and automate with the click of a button.
  • Cloud efficiency KPI - Discover your cloud efficiency KPI and track the feedback loop of your optimization actions over time.

One place to understand your cloud costs

Cloud Analyzer is a cloud infrastructure management solution that uses advanced analytics to provide visibility and insights into your cloud costs, shows you where you can optimize those costs, and lets you implement that optimization using Spot’s portfolio of continuous optimization products in just a few clicks.

What Cloud Analyzer Can Do For You.

Cost and usage forecast

Analyze what is being spent and by who, with current, historical and projected cost and usage visualizations for all your cloud deployments. Get a comprehensive view from multiple dimensions and layers across tags, accounts, usage type and more.

Cloud efficiency score

Start measuring cloud efficiency metrics with Cloud Analyzer calculating the efficiency score for every account in your cloud environment. This score is based on the savings opportunities across spot instances, reserved instances, right-sizing and idle resources.

Cost anomaly detection

Stay informed with machine learning identifying irregular cloud spend and usage patterns, with clear reporting and alerts, so you can resolve issues and stay within your planned capacity.

Actionable optimization

Go beyond static recommendations with machine learning based guidance that you can implement and automate with just the click of a button. Discover which workloads will work best on spot instances, which need reserved capacity and where unused resources can be eliminated.

Steve Evans

VP Engineering Services

“With Spot, the Chegg finance and operations teams had comprehensive visibility into their ECS infra costs and usage broken down by Services, Applications and Tasks, making for easy showback.

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