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Largest provider of community healthcare services in Canada Teamed up with Long View during the COVID-19 crisis

How the largest provider of community healthcare services in Canada “Teamed” up with Long View to deliver the care Canadians need during the COVID-19 crisis

As the largest provider of community healthcare services in Canada, this national healthcare group is committed to improving access to treatment and healthcare outcomes for all Canadians in every community nationwide. As a result, the provider is continually learning and developing new ways of coordinating and delivering care.

At no other time has the importance of this commitment to finding new and effective ways of providing care been as critical as it is during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of April 16th, 2020 the Canadian Government reports that 30,092 Canadians have contracted the virus. While social distancing measures are the key to containing the spread and flattening the curve, said measures also mean that the provision of needed healthcare services must adapt to this new reality.

To meet the challenge of reducing risk and following best practices while continuing to provide treatment and support for all patient healthcare needs, the provider “teamed” up with Long View Systems to deploy Microsoft Teams.

Over five days, Long View had 7,000 healthcare professionals fully operational on the Teams communication and collaboration platform. By the end of April, all 12,000 employees will be online.

Due to Long View’s rapid Teams deployment, the healthcare group is now making 1,500 Telehealth calls each day using advanced functionality such as videoconferencing to safely and effectively monitor patients remotely regardless of their location.

Despite these unprecedented times, by partnering with Long View Systems, the provider continues to deliver the highest level of treatment and care Canadians need both now and going forward.





Business Challenges

• An old and insufficient IT infrastructure in which the organization was not cloud-ready.
• The requirement for ongoing software patching and security, including a progressive rebuild throughout the IT upgrade process.
• Establishing an effective change management process for an aging workforce and volunteers, the majority of whom had minimal tech experience beyond using Lotus Notes and Domino.
• Departure of key client personnel and the need to rebuild documentation of current processes and procedures.


  • Long View delivery team immediately began infrastructure remediation and Teams implementation.
  • The team began work on March 19th with an aggressive customer requirement to get 7,000 users active by March 23rd and build a scale to 12,000 users.
  • Working around the clock and through the weekend, the Long View team had to resolve some critical existing infrastructure challenges before they could begin implementing Teams.
  • Long View developed a JIT training process to deliver Teams training to 15,000+ users.
  • The Long View team worked very closely with FastTrack and Support Engineers to isolate error sources.
  • The sales team worked closely together on EA value, Healthcare CIE, ECIF funding.

Solutions Used

Office 365, EOL, Office OPP, OneDrive, MS Teams, Citrix, Intune

Customer Impact

  • Enabled the healthcare provider to go from no Teams users to 7,000 users within three business days (five days, including weekend).
  • Provided a Teams solution that can scale to all their users.
  • Seamlessly empowered their field workforce to safely and remotely provide their patients with Healthcare services in a secure way.
  • The healthcare group provides up to 40 different health-related services to their patients and establishing a safe, secure Telehealth solution through Teams enabled service continuity.



"Long View’s commitment to care & excellence, technical knowledge and collaboration is exceptional."

- Director of IT Operations for a national healthcare group

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