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Activate Digital 2018: More Than A Call To Action!

  During the #ActivateDigital2018 Conference in Guelph, Microsoft President Kevin Peesker and I gave an interview on where the digital evolution is heading in this country. In talking about our vision and the passion we share for Canada and its future as a dominant player in the emerging digital economy, we also discussed the responsibility […]

For the first time the new heads of Microsoft, Cisco, and Hewlett-Packard Canada are coming together at #ActivateDigital2018

Microsoft’s Peesker, Cisco’s Dagher, and HPE’s Dathan to talk about Canada’s digital Future at historic Guelph Conference on February 27th TORONTO, Feb. 7, 2018 /CNW/ – #ActivateDigital2018, will for the first time bring together Canadian high-tech industry thought leaders to talk about the emerging digital economy and the impact it will have on this country’s future […]

Mirroring Success: Making Your IT Architecture Digital Ready

  According to IDC, “60%+ of global GDP will be digitized by 2022, with growth in every industry driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations, and relationships and almost $7 trillion in IT-related spending in 2019–2022.” When you contemplate the enormity of these statistics, it is easy to get lost in, and perhaps even a bit […]

With Digital Transformation, It Is Better To Go Smart Than Go Big.

Digital is everywhere! You can’t go through a single day without the digital evolution touching your life in some capacity. Whether you are working remotely on “the edge” via your handheld device, analyzing data at your desk or buying a product or service from the comfort of home you are having a “digital moment.” The […]

A Simple Idea: How The World’s Largest Caterpillar Dealer Digitally Reinvented Itself

  In 2015 Finning, a company that for more than 80 years had delivered unrivaled heavy equipment sales and service to its customers and in the process grew to be the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer came to an important realization; we need to disrupt ourselves before someone else beats us to the punch. This revelation […]

To Succeed In The Digital Age, You Need To Work At The Edge

In 2010, the IoT device ratio to person globally was 1.84. By 2020 it will be up to 10 web-connected devices per every person. In short, and in the digital age, people have moved beyond the cloud to the edge. What do I mean when I talk about moving beyond the cloud and being at […]

More Than A Hammer: In The Digital Age, IT Stands For “Intelligent Transformation”

I remember someone telling me that “everything starts to look like a nail when you only have a hammer.” For those of us in the IT world, it would only be natural to consider these words in the context of a product. However, I saw the deeper meaning in that more than being a physical […]

The Three Pillars For Digital Transformation Success

  “Whether you know it or not; did you know that you are on a digital transformation journey?” That was the opening sentence in an earlier Activate Digital 2019 article by Paolo Del Nibletto titled “Do you know if you are on a Digital Transformation Journey?” The view that everyone is on a digital transformation […]

The 3 Ws Of Digital Transformation Success

  Without giving away my years, I can still remember the reference to the 3 Rs in elementary school; Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic. By the way, I am not the only one who notices that only one of those words begins with the letter “R” am I? Of course, you may be asking yourself what […]

When It Comes To Digital Transformation, Don’t Get Lost In The Cloud

I remember when referring to someone as having their head in the clouds was an indication that they were not paying enough attention to what was going on around them due to the distraction of unrealistic or difficult to grasp ideas. Conversely, when one had their feet firmly planted on the ground, it meant that […]