Every Business is an Information Technology and Services Business

Long View is one of the most powerful information technology services and solutions companies in North America with offices across the continent. With a clear focus on combining business and technology through our Hybrid IT methodology, Long View is able to define and customize what the future of IT looks like. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused… that’s Long View.

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We’re on a Mission

To build the best and most sustainable team driven information technology services, consulting and procurement organization where as many great people as possible can have healthy lives and prosperous careers by continuously adding value to our clients.

A No Regrets Career

We are thrilled to have you join us on our journey and learn about how a career built on trust can be sustainable from year to year, from decade to decade.

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Our Customers Fuel Growth

Our company’s philosophy is simple: We will strive to ensure that every one of our clients will be a reference client that will stay with us year after year, decade after decade. To do this we will offer real value and competence every day, and we will always be honest and straightforward.

Long View continues to achieve outstanding growth and profitability year after year. We have become a dominant player in the Western North American IT market based on our industry experience, successful track record, and the quality of our people and our technology partners.

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Long View’s Vision of 100

When Don Bialik founded Long View in 1999, he set out to create a 100 year old company. Through keeping our integrity, continually developing our competence, adding real value to our client’s businesses, and always having fun, we will be able to accomplish his goal.

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Life’s too short to just have a job. You may not recognize the phrase “where as many great people as possible can have healthy lives and prosperous careers” — but it comes straight out of Long View’s mission statement, and that should tell you a little about what’s truly important to us.

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