Partnership is how we do it.

To begin your journey to the cloud, Long View needs to understand your unique business case. We do this by kicking off with a Cloud Advisory Services Engagement (CASE) which explores your IT needs and designs a road map.

Our Approach to OnDemand Cloud Solutions:

Universal Methodology

Save with Long View Cloud OnDemand

Long View OnDemand Cloud can save you on average 20-80% when compared to building out traditional technology infrastructure. Depending on your set up, no upfront investment is required and we offer it with a fixed and predictable cost.

Cloud Computing Economics

Why Partner with Long View?

  • We make it simple and provide holistic solutioning – end to end.
  • More than 75 clients today use Long View’s Cloud services.
  • Our mature Managed Services and Network Operations Center [NOC] has over 10-years of experience in ITIL alignment supporting critical infrastructure - providing outstanding support for Cloud Computing environments.
  • System Administrator-level professionals are ready to support customers as an extension of your team 24/7.
  • In depth knowledge of the Patriot Act and Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act.
  • Long View was consulted by the Canadian Privacy Commissioner on Cloud Security.
  • Add resources in real-time on your own when you need it.
  • Breakthrough features like Snapshot, Cloning and Auto Failover provide security from data loss, fast server setup, and limit the amount of downtime in the unlikely event of an outage.
  • The ability to switch networks which allows clients to promote software seamlessly from a development environment to a production environment in real-time.
  • Long View creates next-generation, best-in-class hosting solutions that offer clients the efficiencies of cloud on physical infrastructure.
  • We are the only automated, fully managed server hosting service that enables customers to build and manage dedicated physical servers in minutes from a patent-pending secure web portal.


SAS 70, PCI, MSCP, VCE ASP, NetApp Secure Multi Tenancy, and HP CIE Elite.

Long View Cloud OnDemand – Simple. Holistic. Complete.

If it's not OnDemand, you're still waiting.

In today’s rapidly changing technology environment, it can be difficult for companies to keep their people, processes, and technology up-to-date. Long View offers Cloud solutions to ensure your business has the agility it needs to compete for tomorrow’s world.

Long View offers complete Cloud solutions to our clients as Cloud builders, providers, and aggregators focused on providing practical solutions leveraging both cloud computing and traditional IT technology.

Three Types Cloud
Long View will architect your customized cloud solution and build it to house data one of two ways:
• On premise
• At a data center
Long View provides and integrates the following Cloud solutions:
• Collaboration
• Unified Communication
• Infrastructure on Demand
• Software Asset Management
• Storage on Demand
• Backup on Demand
• Mail
• SaaS
• Disaster Recovery
• Email Defense
• AD
• File/Print
Working closely with industry-leading cloud partners, Long View brings together a cloud solution that meet a client’s specific business requirements.

Benefits of Cloud OnDemand

  • Do more with less. Provision servers within minutes.
  • Cloud provides a scalable and elastic service architecture that can automatically scale capacity up or down as required.
  • You have access to business critical data from any place at any time.
  • Using Cloud promotes your business agility and reduces your costs.

Long View Cloud OnDemand Offerings

Long View OnDemand Cloud provides clients with the ability to choose the Cloud type that best fits their business needs including: Private, Hybrid and Public.

Cloud Private Hybrid Public
An internal corporate cloud resource where the IT organization is the vendor, offering self-service provisioning, pay-per-use options and simple access, potentially through a browser.
A combined cloud environment consisting of internal and/or external providers.
Data storage where data is stored on multiple virtual servers, hosted by third parties.

Due to the breadth of experience and expertise with over 75 existing Cloud customers, Long View can customize a solution that fits your unique business needs, and can offer a wide range of solutions that address issues with risk and cost.

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