But only with the right IT services partner!

I remember the day the RFP came across my desk; Trace Associates, an environmental consulting company, was looking to outsource their entire IT operation.  I was excited about the opportunity because I knew we were uniquely positioned to deliver against their requirements for end-to-end “IT as a Service”.

Trace Associates awarded us the business and now they consume all of their IT services from Long View, and receive a single, predictable monthly bill.

They were so happy with their experience; they worked with us to create a video to elaborate on their experience. Check it out:

Wait?  They outsourced everything?

It doesn’t make sense for every organization, but when you realize that you have the option to outsource all of your IT, end-to-end, we think it makes sense to take a look at your current IT approach and ask the following questions based on your specific needs:

Is there is a better way?

  • Am I pre-purchasing the worlds’ fastest depreciating asset, because I might need it?
  • Am I guessing what capacity I might need when the equipment reaches end-of-life?
  • Am I hiring and managing staff to focus on keeping the lights on, or would I prefer my staff to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives?

Whatever the answers are:  Is it time to consider IT-as-a-Service?

These were some of the questions that Trace Associates, were asking before finally issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the local IT services market.   Although, the RFP excited us, at Trace they were surprised that only a few companies submitted a response.

In our experience, this comes down to one thing: most IT service providers, actually provide very little service and focus on a highly transactional, low value business model.  This model is fast, low-risk and does not require deeply specialized skills.  They re-sell IT equipment, make a margin, and move on to the next sale.  The strategy for these transactions is in the volume and timing; these transactions are typically done every 3 years, so most vendors will try and convince you to purchase what you “might” need to grow into over the life-cycle of the equipment.  This strategy allows for a higher initial transaction, and thus more margin.  After all,  you would hate to have to re-purchase during that initial 3 year period, so buy what you might need up front.  Makes sense right?  Think again.

Buy what you might need –or- pay for what you use?

In the increasingly volatile market that we are in today, more companies (like Trace Associates) are looking to consume end-to-end IT Services in an OnDemand model.  When the size and needs of the business change, so does their IT consumption – IT as a Service allows you to be ready to scale up or down and never pay for or buy in advance something you don’t need or aren’t using. This approach allows for an efficient and predictable IT expense model, and if consumed as a fully-managed option, also allows a company to focus internal skill sets on innovation.

Are you are interested in understanding the full menu of end-to-end IT services that Long View can deliver? Whether you need a little or a lot, do you want to know what the IT-as-a-Service Menu could do for your business?  If so, please reach out to me at cloud@lvs1.com – Adam Oruclar