For many of our clients the end of year is a time when they may realize they have a bit of money left in their budgets. Many clients ask us for our ideas on what is the most effective way to use that spend to help their organization. In general, our recommendation is to use that spend on ensuring additional IT capacity. We know that areas such as storage are growing at a rapid pace; therefore, using budget on items like disk storage ensures capacity will be in place once all the demands of the New Year start to unfold. Outlined below are the three most common areas we see our clients using their yearend budgets on:

Storage – as we all know the demand for storage is only increasing.  We see many clients purchasing additional storage this time of year

Blades – As more and more of our clients are using blades in their infrastructure, they purchase additional compute capacity they can turn on as the demand increases in the New Year

Desktops / laptops – the New Year usually means new initiatives and new employees coming on board, and many of our clients purchase a few additional standard units to be prepared for this

On a final note, one of the key things to keep in mind this time of year is that shipping dates are heavily affected by the official holiday dates. We highly recommend that you get your orders in as soon as possible, especially if you are looking to receive them before everyone returns from the holiday season.