NetApp Hybrid IT

Why not us?  A great question posed by Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, which we have taken to heart.  Why not Long View for all your Hybrid IT & converged infrastructure needs?  And why not your organization for leading your competition in the transformation of IT.

I’ve been meeting with many clients across the country in the past couple of months and I’ve asked each of them the same question.  What are the current shifts in IT to become increasingly more relevant to the business and provide cutting edge technology solutions that facilitate faster application delivery and improve overall service delivery within IT.  The response has been very consistent across the board – it is quite apparent that this shift is well underway.  Most IT leaders I’ve spoken to have talked about the changes that are taking place to align IT with the lines of business.  And what’s more there is also a fair bit of excitement around it.  I expected to encounter more trepidation, as it were, but instead I’ve found a sense of new vigor in the role of IT and how it can be truly tapped into the business needs and key strategic imperatives; a shift from shrinking budgets to a focus on increasing business revenue.  On this journey, I believe there are 2 key actions an organization can do to encourage change in the transformation of IT towards the business needs.

  1. The IT stakeholders will need to enable partners to gain access to application and line of business owners.
  2. The silos within organizations will need to break down to allow for a truly converged & Hybrid IT solution.

With all of this said – these conversations automatically lead to a great question… how can Long View help?

Long View is uniquely positioned to deliver in this changing world of IT.  We’re making strategic decisions that have put us in a position to deliver the best converged & Hybrid IT solutions in the business.  Take our FlexPod strategy for example.  We are ready to launch a new version of FlexPod – Engineered by Long View.  A fully engineered FlexPod, a 4 week delivery for increased time-to-value, racked, stacked and ready on one pallet with one price – greater simplicity from order to production. That’s a FlexPod engineered by Long View. Let’s have a conversation today and allow Long View to partner with you on converged infrastructure and Hybrid IT for your business.

Why not you?  And indeed… why not Long View?

Long View is proud to announce that it has been named NetApp’s Canadian Partner of the Year for the third straight time. With NetApp’s innovative foundation for cloud solutions, and Long View’s collaborative, Hybrid IT approach, we’re maximizing customer satisfaction by delivering efficient, scalable IT.