Have you heard the saying, “Your cloud is only as good as your network”? It’s true. Your network is critical to cloud computing. In fact, an incorrectly designed or improperly sized network means no cloud.

There are countless stories of organizations that tried to move their workloads to the cloud, but failed. The reason: their network. Their current state simply wouldn’t support moving workloads to the cloud.

Why Your Network is Critical to Cloud Projects

The cloud – whether internal, private or public – relies on connectivity. The network plays a key role in the delivery and performance of cloud-based services, connecting the user to their application in the cloud, as well as enabling cloud-to-cloud connections.

Often network inadequacies are related to:

  • Inefficient bandwidth
  • Limited network security
  • Poor visibility
  • Lack of control
  • Inconsistent user experience

Before beginning any cloud initiative, you need to look at your network readiness. It is important to determine how the network is configured, if it can be leveraged, or if there needs to be some architectural changes in order to support the cloud project.

The likelihood of needing to optimize your network is high. We’ve found that an organization can see returns on investment into network upgrades in less than 12 months, depending on the technology and solution adopted.

Consider this: the amount of data centre traffic dedicated to cloud-based services is expected to quadruple from 2016 to 2020, at which point it will make up three-quarters of all data centre traffic worldwide. Individual enterprises will be the ones driving that growth, so it’s essential that they have the right network in place to support this dramatic global transformation.

You need a network to match your cloud.

Running mission-critical business applications over the cloud requires a network that is:

  • Resilient and able to withstand failures.
  • Flexible in its ability to add or change endpoints.
  • Scalable in response to changing bandwidth needs.
  • Secure to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • High-performing, with service level agreements (SLAs) ensuring reliable access from multiple locations and device types.

Is your network “cloud-ready”?

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