SharePoint Staff Directory

I grew up in an era when the Staff Directory was a printed handbook that came out once every six months or so.  You had to trust the Staff Directory for names, titles, phone numbers, office locations, and reporting structures.  We always used to joke about the fact that while names and phone numbers were sometimes correct, titles and reporting structures were laughably out of date the very day the latest Staff Directory was printed.

Then came Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint (PPT) and departmental printers.  The new Staff Directory (aka, the company phone list) was updated by the receptionist.  The Org Chart was updated by HR.  When a new one of either hit our email inboxes, would all rush to the printer to print one off, rip down the old marked-up version stapled somewhere in the vicinity of our desk phone, and start afresh.

Fast forward to 2015.  The company phone list just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially in oil and gas.  Companies are bought and sold.  Staff come and go.  Roles and responsibilities change.  Even the bounds of what constitutes a staff member can be a challenge.  Only employees?  How about a full-time contractors working for an Energy Service Provider?  Part-time contractors?

If you really want your team to quickly find who’s who in the zoo, give them access to an online Staff Directory through your Intranet.  Microsoft SharePoint is the defacto standard for Intranets in the oil and gas industry.  An online Staff Directory, connected to your IT, HR and onboarding processes, gives busy professionals what they’re looking for; quick access to primary information about the people they’re looking for.

Let’s take it one step further.  Imagine a company staff directory that connects you to people you don’t know.  Who worked on the facility upgrade project in Consort?  Who knows experience with Directional Drilling in the Bakkan play?  Who follows NHL hockey that you can invite to your NHL playoff pool?  Who went to University of Saskatchewan?

A full-featured online Staff Directory in a content-rich Intranet can not only improve productivity, it can help to make your staff feel more connected.  Dynamic oil and gas companies are starting to make the shift. Talk to us about how you can too! Or learn more about our application services.