baker2-1How do you answer the question,“ So what does the VP of Services do anyway?” when your Mom asks?

One of the great honours of being promoted into a position that no one has held before in Long View is that you have free license to create your jobs mandate. Through the creative process three vectors seemed to be the most critical:

First, an internal perspective. The services business in Long View requires 850 people to deliver across a broad geographic expanse – that’s a big number. The VP of Services must advocate for the services business at the executive level as well as support the branches – the primary financial unit of the company – as an overlay for the successful execution of services.  Most importantly, however, this role must provide support, escalation, and representation for our largest staff population, the team of technical professionals who make Long View the services company it is today.

Second, an external perspective. This role is a critical engagement point with our customers and the industry. There is a responsibility to successfully steer relationships with new and existing customers in good times and in bad. Long View must also be seen as the go-to service delivery organization by the industry both in traditional and new verticals.

Third, an innovation perspective. Incumbent on the VP of Services is to ensure we are constantly innovating to remain relevant to our staff, customers, and partners.  Innovation does not always mean bringing a new product to market it can also mean finding new more efficient or better ways to provide an existing service we already do – Shared Services is just one example.

So then my Mom just cocked her head to the side and looked at me and said, “Fine but what do you actually do”.

So I replied, “I go to lots of meetings, talk to lots of people inside and outside our company and fly around on planes.”

To which she closed, “Now I understand – I am so proud of you.” Which felt nice.

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