Across the North American IT industry, we’re already known at Long View as a great place to move your career forward. And when I think of career development, Phil Edgell has a great story.

Phil was recently named our Vice President of Service Delivery. He became Long View’s 30th employee in 2002, working as a client-based Citrix consultant in Calgary. Since then, Phil has made incredible strides in just over a decade. Our President, Gord Mawhinney, pointed that out recently when he announced Phil’s appointment to this newly created Vice President’s role.

“Phil is the first example at Long View of someone beginning their career at Long View as a consultant — and through hard work, and a focus on personal and professional development with success in many roles, now joins the Executive Team,” Gord wrote.

“At Long View, career progression and a no-regrets career are very important. I trust that Phil will be the first in a long line of many to come, who have such a progression within Long View.”

I couldn’t agree more. Competence is one of Long View’s core pillars, and we take that seriously. Our Learning and Development group, led by the incomparable Nathania Parnetta, works with Long View employees to actively source training and certification opportunities — and pays for that professional development.

Phil, for example, both started and completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business while at Long View.

In 2007, he was asked to focus on business development by spearheading the establishment of a new Long View branch office in Vancouver. He held titles of Sales Director and, most recently, Director of B.C. Operations — which he’ll keep as part of his new portfolio.

Phil is quick to credit our company’s bold, enterprising environment for his success.

“Long View has always given me the opportunity to take a little risk, and stretch myself. And once you’ve proven that you can produce results, they just keep giving you more and more opportunity,” says Phil. “Long View has given me both the support and the space to execute on ideas and plans.

“I also think that Long View believes strongly in staff advancement opportunities. They’ll look internally for somebody before they take that search to the marketplace.”

Hats off to Phil, and his appointment to our Executive Team. He may be the first to chart such a course within Long View, but I know he won’t be the last.