The Word From The Coach:

Many people appreciate a bit of time by the water during these warms days of summer. While most are relaxing and soaking up some sun with their ice cold beverage of choice, and a good book or two, there’s a committed crew of us from the Calgary office that are anything but relaxed when close to water.

That’s right – its dragon boat time again!

This is our second year with a team and we have high hopes for Calgary’s annual Dragon Boat Festival, where we will battle head-to-head in the Corporate Challenge Cup. Last year, we placed 5th in our division (Hong Kong Cup) for the festival, and we were 25th out of 50 teams overall – a great result considering it was our first year against more experienced teams. The real highlight, though, was our placement in the Corporate Challenge, a separate race from the general festival standings, where we placed 4th, just one second shy from getting the bronze medal!

We are less than a week away from our race day, with just a handful of on-water practices left to refine our technique and build endurance.

This season we started earlier with a few weeks of dry land training, plus nearly double the on-water sessions as last year. Our solid group of returning vets and some enthusiastic new paddlers will look good chasing our goal in fresh, custom designed Long View jerseys.

I’m very proud to coach the team for a second year and I’m feeling confident that we’ll meet our goal. The event is August 23-24 and is attended by over 4000 people – come out and cheer us on!

Malcom Jubinville


DragonBoatFestival2014The Big Picture Rookie Perspective:

Ok, so I’m not really a dragon boat rookie, I raced for several years before I got busy with some of life’s other non-dragon-boat-racing things, but I’m certainly a rookie to the Long View crew. And to Long View, actually, as I just started here at the end of May!

Like anyone joining a new company I had hoped to get to know some people and learn as much as I could about how things ‘work’ in the office. Signing up for the dragon boat team has been fantastic. It’s been a great way to meet some of the people from our office that I wouldn’t cross paths with during my daily activities. And there’s nothing quite like a team event like dragon boat racing to gel colleagues into friends, fast!

What I love about dragon boat racing is that it is a personal sport, but done in a team. Some are fitter than others, some are stronger than others, but we can’t get anywhere without the efforts of everyone putting in our best.

Each paddler contributes our own skill and talent to the cause. We’re better and faster together. There’s something to be said about this philosophy and our lives outside of racing – all for one and one for all!