Q9 Data Center Toronto Long View has achieved a new milestone.  On Friday September 19th we went live with our 3rd OnDemand Cloud instance in Toronto, Canada. This brings our OnDemand Cloud presence to Calgary, Alberta, and Toronto, Ontario in Canada and Denver, Colorado, USA.

What does this mean?

It means that Long View now has the ability to offer geographic protection options within Canadian Borders.  It also allows us to offer lower latency connectivity for our East Coast Canadian and US customers.

What has been accomplished?

A Secure Multi-Tenant infrastructure has been added to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Leveraging reference architectures from NetApp, Cisco, and VMware we are now able to offer our mature OnDemand Cloud services on the East Coast.

What did you build?

We added a full pod based on NetApp C-Mode, 7-Mode, Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus, and vmware vCloud Director 5.5 technology to allow our clients to leverage the benefits of cloud, while still taking advantage of enterprise technologies and award winning Managed Services offering.

What can you do with this?

There’s a lot that we offer.

  • OnDemand Infrastructure
    • Virtual Machine workloads OnDemand via a self-service portal
  • OnDemand Messaging
    • Secure, and dedicated Hosted Exchange environments
  • OnDemand Backup
    • Secure Agentless Backup of Physical and Virtual machine workloads along with file system backups
  • OnDemand Recovery
    • The ability to replicate your NetApp environments into the cloud, offering an alternate location for your data and workloads
  • Canadian Geographic Protection
    • Protecting your OnDemand workloads and backups in 2 separate and distinct geographic locations within Canada
  • Secure Co-Location
    • The ability to collocate customer equipment and devices with high speed secure connections to your Secure Multi-tenant workloads
  • East Coast Connectivity
    • Allowing customers an east coast point of presence for private (MPLS/OE) connectivity into our OnDemand Environment.

For more regarding Long View’s menu of OnDemand IT services, please contact us at cloud@lvs1.com.