Just returning from my HDI Executive Forum, which was focused around the Future of IT and aligning support accordingly. Collectively, we’ve seen 5 trends in Service Desk.

1)      Users want more control over “how” they access the Service Desk.  Long View has created a new channel of “self selection” that puts the users in the driver seat.  They can directly access on analysts of their choice.  This choice could be based on previous experience, the analysts profile, availability, etc.

2)      BYOD coupled with the BYOA.  50% of users surveyed reported they are currently using their own devices to support their business day, even in environments that don’t officially support BYOD.  As well, many of these users are coming with their own applications that they prefer to use to support their day to day work.  Long View was an early adopter in providing support for all devices it actively expanded our training for our service desk analysts to be able to support the increasing applications.

3)      Mobility management.  The management of the contract, on to the actual content and support management required by organizations is a leading outsource initiative for most organizations.  The time and information tracking has proven to be too burdensome and costly.  Long View has a breadth of offerings meeting our clients need a service catalog of options that has been readily received by the thousands of devices serviced by Long View.

4)      Expanded use of social media as front line support is on the rise.  Users that are newer to the work force bring with them a solid basis for searching content via the web and using social media sites to find answers before contacting the service the desk.  We are expanding our offerings to include the community support required by this trend.

5)      More mature IT users will increase the type of support required by the service desk.  As users continue to intuitively interact with their devices and applications, a upward trend in the technical support required is being seen.  We see not a “replacement” of the service desk but a higher demand for skilled service desk analysts.  Long View is putting a strong emphasis on Tier 1 being a higher level resource with the basic training requirements significantly deeper.

We’d love to share our experiences with you and see what your organization is considering for the new IT era around support!

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