Chances are you’ve already been informally introduced to the term Hybrid IT. You’ve heard it online, overheard it in the elevator bank, or maybe even had a conversation regarding the emergence of what seems to be a fundamental shift in IT. Well, be prepared to see a lot more of it.

Hybrid IT is a term that the industry uses to describe a combination of traditional and cloud infrastructure and applications, and the services models available to consume IT. For some industry players it’s still a revelation, for us it’s a fundamental strategy in our business. In many ways we have been building towards the concept of Hybrid IT since our inception. Long View has kept agile by never marrying ourselves to a single technology or trend. We’ve always had very talented people within Long View scanning the horizon so we can help our clients with the tools they’re currently using and migrate them into the future they need to achieve their business goals. That’s what Long View calls Hybrid IT. It’s a business model that says we’ll do whatever needs to be done staying true to our core values as a company.

And as any Long View veteran can attest, that’s the way we’ve always worked. We don’t just provide technology, we build solutions. As we move into the future that distinction will become increasingly important. In fact, I believe it’s the main reason, combined with incredibly talented and dedicated people, we will be able to move into the future at all. The businesses that thrive in the future will be the ones that harness the power of technology to provide value to their clients. What that technology is we can guess at, but to be honest it doesn’t really matter. Whatever they require, the Long View team will be there to help them with it.