At a BC Business panel event last week, I heard the founder of Nature’s Path say that “A business should be a vehicle for positive change.” As the BC economy continues to grow, and more specifically, the BC technology sector expands, it’s important to many companies that they also make a difference.  This means not just with their own businesses through to their customers but also through charitable work and giving.

The BC branch, based in Vancouver, has a very active social organizing committee – self-stylized as the ‘Fun Patrol’. During the year we’ll organize internal events while also actively participating in industry events with our peers in the tech community. We have organized games nights, Halloween costume competitions, Oktoberfest’s and more. These are all in addition to the annual summer family BBQ and Holiday employee party in Whistler that the branch puts on.

The majority of these fun events will have a charity element, benefiting local charities such as the Canadian Cancer Society BC, Prostate Cancer BC and The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. We aim to raise in money in a variety of different ways, for example, we have held 50:50 draws, bake sales, but one that really stands out was asking all our manufacturer partners for prize donations to a silent auction, and then turning our kitchen into an auction house.

One event, which is becoming a firm favorite on the calendar for the BC branch is TechPong ( Held in the fall each year, a local company named Chimp, which provides companies and individuals with an easy to use charitable donation platform, brings together 20 to 30 technology companies in Vancouver for some competitive ping pong. The aim of the night is to collectively raise money for a cause, with each participating company picking a charity that fits with the theme.

This year’s cause is the refugee crisis that we are seeing in Syria and across Europe. One of our employees suggested that Long View considered supporting SOS Children’s Villages Canada. They are doing great work in this area so we were more than happy to help. It’s been amazing to see the people of our branch get behind this cause; in the last two weeks we’ve raised almost $2,000. In addition, the ping pong table has found a new home in our kitchen, where employees find 10 minutes in their day to practice and de-stress, plus we are looking for our singles and doubles champions to represent Long View in the October 21st tournament.

On the night of the event, 600 people from the BC tech sector will celebrate the collective efforts of the companies involved in fundraising and also enjoy a few intense table tennis matches! Long View is the defending champion from last year, so we hope to see as many supporters as last time.


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