Silicon Valley – truly an innovator’s mecca where IT has a place to thrive, and ingenuity and the possibility of the next big technology idea could surface at any moment. Yes – I was quite impressed by my recent trip to the valley visiting the offices of NetApp in Sunnyvale, California. I had the opportunity to experience the exciting and vibrant culture that was once Network Appliance, and now known very simply as NetApp. What impressed me most about the NetApp environment was both the combination of passion for efficient and creative storage solutions as well as the somewhat humble approach to knowing they have more to do. Much more. NetApp is firing on all cylinders – or rather, spinning on all discs, to develop vastly improved ways to meet the needs of organizations to better store, secure, and access data – while helping organizations to go further, faster. That’s NetApp.

One of the key technologies that took center stage is the compelling NetApp flash storage strategy. They are addressing the needs of organizations with two distinct routes. The first, FlashRay, takes an approach that can be optimized for specific workloads and comes with built-in efficiencies like deduplication and compression. The second is an approach to deliver high IOPS with extremely low latency while achieving perfection in price and performance. These two distinct architectures represent an exciting solution in the all-flash market segment. Combined with NetApp’s incorporated intelligent flash cache technology in its disk-based storage solutions – NetApp is establishing a new way in this game-changing technology. A real contender for organizations today that are looking for increased IT efficiencies and lightning fast application response times.

There are some great innovations here. Faster, more efficient, and just plain cooler (that’s an intended pun on the reduced power and cooling costs when using NetApp Flash).

It’s flash fever … and it’s time to consider it for your organization.