It goes without saying that Information Technology (IT) is constantly shifting as the discipline evolves. IT professionals can’t afford to rely strictly on what they’ve done, and must continually work to stay ahead of the industry in order to be truly competent. And at Long View we pride ourselves on our competency. It is, after all, one of our core values.

One way that I’ve been able to give back to Long View is by sitting as an advisor on the committee that helps shape the curriculum for the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) program at Mount Royal University (MRU), here in Calgary. Students that complete the four-year program receive a BCIS in Computer Information Systems.

Three years ago, I was approached to be a participant on the Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of twelve people from different organizations and various disciplines within the IT industry. There are Chief Information Officers, Directors, Managers and other very experienced IT professionals. Everybody brings expertise and experience to the committee and offers feedback on what the industry is doing, what the trends are, and where this area is headed in the future.

Our input is used by the faculty to adjust the curriculum for the following semester or for future years. That way, the graduates are more future-proof when they are ready to find jobs; the skills and education they receive are current and they can move into real world careers without having to update their skills again after they just completed the program.

Being on this advisory committee has also been great for my role as Client Services Manager at Long View. One thing that I’ve found to be very valuable is being connected to the other committee members. I’ll get updates and perspectives from these senior people in other disciplines and I can bring all of that back to my team and to the Long View community, in order to better help us stay ahead. It is an interesting circle. The committee helps shape what the professors teach, and in turn we are constantly learning and evolving and moving things forward.