VDI Problems and HP MoonshotClients today are looking past traditional VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) or solutions that solve some of the typical problems of VDI and Hosted Desktop implementations.  Hypervisor licensing, storage costs, power consumption and performance issues, not to mention the operational overhead of managing all of these systems, are common pitfalls and can cause these projects to fail (see our previous post Extending VDI’s Reach to a Broader Range of Users).

In response to the demand to consolidate and simplify, the Hyper Converged market is hot, with many vendors getting on board.  HP Moonshot has been on the market for a few years, but more recently the partnership between Citrix and HP has brought forth some amazing solutions that solve some of the challenges of VDI and Hosted Desktops.  HP takes Hyper Converged a step further and refers to the Moonshot with Workspace Pod as “Ultra-Converged” infrastructure.

So why are clients excited about HP Moonshot and what problems does it solve?  It really comes down to cost, simplicity and performance.  Corporations are looking for converged systems that reduce the costs of storage and power, provide space savings and reduce administration.

  • According to HP, “Moonshot delivers 28% TCO improvement (based on HP internal test with LoginVSI) – 79% less space, 69% less power, 78% less cabling”.
  • End users of virtual desktops are using applications that demand better graphics and CPU performance. Moonshot delivers with built in GPU processing in combination with Citrix’s HDX protocol with support for rich and graphics intensive applications”.
  • Removing the Hypervisor and running these solutions on bare metal also reduces Hypervisor licensing costs and complexity.
  • Onboard SSD drives on the cartridges are used for super-fast Write-cache access, which reduces storage and IOPS on your SAN.

If you’re not familiar with the HP Moonshot series for Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, let me introduce the Moonshot 1500 Chassis in combination with either the m700 cartridges for XenDesktop, or the m710 cartridges, typically running XenApp Hosted Desktops.

In terms of implementation, HP and Citrix are working closely together to help simplify the installation and configuration of Citrix technologies on Moonshot.   For example, the HP Moonshot Wizard and Machine Management tools from Citrix provide seamless integration and power management between XenDesktop, PVS and Moonshot nodes.

HP also recently announced some additional tools for Moonshot that will assist with OS installation and first time setup.

If the costs of traditional VDI are too high or your users are demanding better performance and more graphics capability, then HP Moonshot and HDI may be the right solution for your company. Contact Long View to arrange a demo and find out what HP Moonshot can do for you.