Advantages of Long View’s Managed Services


Long View’s Managed Services delivers a customized package incorporating ITIL and industry best practices in the management of your key network technology components and services. We designed our offering to manage the lifecycle of a support incident, identify root causes, and design and suggest solutions to eliminate infrastructure problems using a full suite of monitoring software and web-enabled remote monitoring tools through a secure Internet link – and we align all of these services with your organization’s core business objectives.

  • Cost containment through predictable monthly IT costs
  • Cost savings through reduced need for:
    • Formal education and training for employees
    • Outsourcing for required additional experts/specific skills
    • IT-related costs for costly infrastructure and senior support
    • Coverage during employee absence
    • Health care and employee benefit packages
  • Operational efficiency, as our Managed Services eliminate the need to manage IT operational support while increasing efficiency of system administration and support
  • Responsiveness to customers: as your Managed Services Provider (MSP), Long View provides the efficiency of centralized IT – 24×7×365 monitoring and support, with the high touch of an onsite partner (Managed Services Site Manager)
  • Risk containment: Managed Services help you reduce the risk of reliance on a small number of local staff or smaller IT companies to support your business
  • Sustainable growth: Long View Managed Services can be ramped up or down on the fly to support growth within your business. You can add new devices/services simply and easily, and our large staffing pool is available at any time
  • Better resource utilization: Long View provides your business with in-house IT staff and resources to focus on projects that support your core business objectives
  • Improved performance: Benefit from reduced downtime, enhanced performance and increased technical skills resulting in heightened business effectiveness
  • Geographic Strategy:


Long View Offers


  • Full operational support on subscribed devices
  • IT management in reactive, proactive, preventative and planning areas
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) in USA and Canada for monitoring:
    • Incident Management: receives automated alerts and notification of any incidents or service disruptions on designated devices 24×7×365 and restores normal service as quickly as possible
    • Problem Management: finds and resolves root causes of problems and prevents incidents
    • Change Management: includes a set of defined mechanisms to control and manage the initiation, implementation and review of all proposed changes to the operational IT infrastructure, minimizing the impact of change-related incidents upon service delivery
    • Capacity Management: continually gathers capacity data for analysis by our technical resources (made available via the web and more in-depth monthly reports)
    • Security & Privacy Management: ensures compliance with the external requirements of legislation regarding privacy, insurance policies and the SLAs; and creates a secure environment.
    • Daily Administration: maintains an environment optimally aligned with daily needs
    • Governance: Long View defines and enforces a set of policies and procedures documented in our Service Operations Manual required for continued planning and execution Long View’s managed services.