Managed Services

Managed Services

  • Full operational support on subscribed devices
  • IT management in reactive, proactive, preventative and planning areas
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) for monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Capacity management
  • Security management
  • Daily Managed Services administration
  • Managed Services governance
  • HDI Help Desk Analyst
  • ITIL, ICDL (International Computing Drivers License)
  • INFOSEC/CISSP (Information Systems Security Professional)
  • SCP (Sniffer Certified Professional)
  • CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
  • SOC1/SSAE 16, PCI
  • Cisco Managed Services certification
  • Relevant manufacturer certifications
  • Ranked #1 on the MSPmentor100

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Long View’s Managed IT Services delivers a customized package incorporating ITIL and industry best practices in the management of your key network technology components and services. We designed our offering to manage the lifecycle of a support incident, identify root causes, and design and suggest solutions to eliminate infrastructure problems using a full suite of monitoring software and web-enabled remote monitoring tools through a secure Internet link. And we align all of these services with your organization’s core business objectives.

Cost containment through predictable monthly IT costs

Cost savings through reduced need for:

  • Formal education and training for employees
  • Outsourcing for required additional experts/specific skills
  • IT-related costs for costly infrastructure and senior support
  • Coverage during employee absence
  • Health care and employee benefit packages

Operational efficiency, as our Managed Services eliminate the need to manage IT operational support while increasing efficiency of system administration and support

Responsiveness to customers: as your Managed Services Provider (MSP), Long View provides the efficiency of centralized IT – 24×7 monitoring and support, with the high touch of an onsite partner (Managed Services Site Manager)

Risk containment: Managed Services help you reduce the risk of reliance on a small number of local staff or smaller IT companies to support your business

Sustainable growth: Long View Managed Services can be ramped up or down on the fly to support growth within your business. You can add new devices/services simply and easily, and our large staffing pool is available at any time

Better resource utilization: Long View provides your business with in-house IT staff and resources to focus on projects that support your core business objectives

Improved performance: Benefit from reduced downtime, enhanced performance and increased technical skills resulting in heightened business effectiveness

  • Full operational support on subscribed devices
  • IT management in reactive, proactive, preventative and planning areas
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) for monitoring:
    • Incident management: receives automated alerts and notification of any incidents or service disruptions on designated devices 24×7 and restores normal service as quickly as possible
    • Problem management: finds and resolves root causes of problems and prevents incidents
      Change management: includes a set of defined mechanisms to control and manage the initiation, implementation and review of all proposed changes to the operational IT infrastructure, minimizing the impact of change-related incidents upon service delivery
    • Capacity management: continually gathers capacity data for analysis by our technical resources (made available via the web and more in-depth monthly reports)
    • Security management: ensures compliance with the external requirements of legislation regarding privacy, insurance policies and the SLAs; and creates a secure environment regardless of external requirements
    • Daily Managed Services administration: maintains an environment optimally aligned with daily needs
    • Managed Services governance: contains the Quality Management System (QMS), which allows Long View to define and enforce a set of policies, processes and procedures required for continued planning and execution within the core business areas of Long View’s managed service provider (MSP) offerings

Managed Services Profile