Converged Infrastructure

As the world of business continues at its dizzying rate of change, the pressure is on IT to quickly deliver applications and new services that align with business requirements while paving the way for future innovation. To stay competitive, your business needs to keep pace. But that’s just one of the challenges you’re up against. Can your IT infrastructure handle the ever-increasing demands? If not, how is this affecting your business agility, speed to market and data security? And if you’re planning to upgrade a business critical application, is your current infrastructure up for the job?


Foundation for Internal Cloud

To meet these challenges head on, Converged Infrastructure solutions have emerged as the best way to overcome IT sprawl and establish the ideal foundation on which to build your internal cloud. The rapid expansion of cloud technology means you have more solutions to choose from than ever before – a reality that can be overwhelming unless you understand the technology inside and out. At Long View, we do. Our experts apply intelligent Converged Infrastructure solutions to make sure your IT system keeps up with changing markets and evolving technology, leaving you free to focus on your business and your customers’ needs.


Market Drivers for Internal Cloud Adoption


Certified Cloud Builder on all Tier I Cloud Technology Platforms
  • NetApp FlexPod
  • VCE VBlock
  • Simplivity
  • HP ConvergedSystem

See our internal cloud

  • Operational efficiencies:
    • Resource efficiency – orchestration and service automation
    • Asset efficiency – virtualization
  • Business agility and speed to market
  • Risk reduction
  • Compelling events:
    • Data center expansions and moves
    • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    • ERP upgrades
  • NetApp FlexPod
  • VCE VBlock
  • Simplivity
  • HP ConvergedSystem
Long View helps Plains Midstream in Calgary, Canada

Plains Midstream Canada wanted to consolidate its infrastructure and applications into its Calgary Data Center. It needed cloud-based technologies to be able to scale and grow the company in a way its legacy equipment couldn’t provide.


Customized to Meet Business Needs

At Long View, we understand that operational performance issues cannot be solved by technology alone. That’s why we base our Converged Infrastructure engagement methodology on a differentiated approach, customizing each Converged Infrastructure solution to ensure it meets your unique business needs. We then deliver it to you as a Reference Architecture or an Integrated Solution.

Start with an envisioning workshop with your organization’s technical and business leaders to align business needs with the technical and functional requirements for a Converged Infrastructure solution to support your cloud initiative and to create a strategy to deploy it.

  • We educate you about the markets, key drivers and value propositions of each solution
  • We finish the envisioning stage with a Maturity Model Assessment to identify the gaps between your business and technology strategies and how your current IT system ranks in comparison to the market
  • The flexibility of our Converged Infrastructure solutions service means that whatever your IT challenges, we can find an effective solution. And when the needs of your business change, we’re here to help you adapt

We understand that value comes from creating the right solutions to your specific problems, so we find them for you.


Converged Infrastructure Solution Expertise
  • Virtualization
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Data CenterCustomized to Meet Business Needs


More than 100 Converged Infrastructure Deployments

We’ve honed our expertise in Converged Infrastructure engagement methodology through deploying more than 100 Converged Infrastructure solutions for clients across North America. The methodology is based on the convergence of four technology areas – storage, network, compute and virtualization – which come together in a repeatable, standardized model with orchestration and automation capabilities.

The methodology includes 6 structured phases:

  1. ENVISION: We work with you to identify your specific business and technical requirements, which sets the stage for the entire CI engagement process
  2. ASSESS: We add to the information gathered in the initial phase and create a Conceptual Design and Solution Recommendation to demonstrate an understanding of your needs
  3. DESIGN: Based on the Conceptual Design, we create a logical design of the solution as well as test cases and deployment plans
  4. ACQUIRE: We acquire the required hardware and software and finalize details before proceeding to a full pilot and/or production deployment
  5. DEPLOY: The solution is fully implemented
  6. MANAGE: We transition the solution to you for production workloads

Converged Infrastructure engagement overview