End User Experience

End User Experience

Empowering the modern workplace — quickly, efficiently, seamlessly

Your Challenge

The results are clear. Research shows organizations who empower employees with flexible workstyles not only get more done – but actually produce higher-quality work. Still, it is important that these productivity tools won’t create security risks for your business, burden you with extra management complexities, or negatively impact your bottom line.

Our Solution

Long View helps your business embrace transformation. We can show you how integrated productivity tools and platforms can work together to enhance security, simplify management, and achieve faster time to value.

The Long View’s End User Experience provides:

  • Service Desk support that minimizes the incidents keeping your team from peak performance
  • Hands-on Deskside support with a personal touch
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration tools that help people work better together
  • Mobility services delivered through a consistent experience

Ultimately, Long View can empower the modern workplace to move your business forward, regardless of workstyle or geography – enhancing productivity, security, and efficiency – anytime, anywhere.

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Consistency, productivity and security, with a full suite of services and support. What’s in it for you? With Long View Advantage, your business can:

  • Better protect your emails, files, and apps
  • Save up to 50% on the cost of standalone solutions
  • Enable your users to be productive—anywhere, on any device
  • Deliver comprehensive coverage across operating systems and SaaS apps Long View’s solutions include:
    • Managed Mobility Services (MMS), including End User Support, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Procurement and Provisioning, and Telecom Expense Management.
    • MDM, including Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) licenses, projects and support services (or alternative technologies).

Service Desk & Deskside Support

Long View’s Global Service Desk is more than our governance focus, quality of service, and performance excellence; it’s our demonstrated ability to provide our clients with agile, flexible, and customizable services.What’s in it for you? Through Long View Advantage, you’ll eliminate service desk staffing issues, reduce Service Desk and deskside support costs, and free up your core IT people to focus on strategic work, not troubleshooting.Long View’s solutions include:

  • Service Desk Assessment
  • Service Desk Support Services (24/7/365)
  • Deskside Services
  • Field Services

Communication and Collaboration

Getting the right people together at the right time, so innovation can flourish.What’s in it for you? Long View Advantage helps you understand the options available, and choose a unified toolset so your team can work better together. This includes:

  • Enabling mobile workers and BYOD
  • Collaborating with external organizations
  • Capturing the value of collaboration Long View’s solutions include:
    • Unified Communications
    • Video Conferencing
    • Virtual Meetings
    • Mobile Integration

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Recognized by Industry Analysts

Long View is proud to be placed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant report for End User Outsourcing Services in North America. We support more than 140,000 desktop end users and 1.4 million incidents annually with four dedicated service desk centers and more than 50 staffed service desks across North America. Our End User Experience practice includes End User Computing, Mobility Management and Collaboration.