User Shield

User Shield – Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel technology

Combined with Long View’s 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

As the first in the industry to secure O365 Long View’s unique industry-leading User Shield service is designed to deliver a Powerful New Security offering that will:

  • Secure O365 client deployments
  • Utilize Microsoft’s Sentinel SIEM for best in breed toolset and analytics
  • Utilize automated Playbooks for real-time responses where possible
  • Leverage 24×7 SOC expertise to Triage more complex problems and provide advisory to clients
A hardened Configuration of O365 to prepare your domain to be ready to face the world
  Installation of Microsoft’s Sentinel to process Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATPs) data at cloud scale and AI provide valuable insights and trends identifying suspicious behavior in real-time
  Long View’s proven ruleset and playbooks to detect and respond developed for major banks
  Responding to threats and ensuring we take that appropriate actions when human intervention is required
  24×7 SOC monitoring and expertise to triage, respond, and react


As the anchor solution in our Digital Defence Portfolio User Shield, in conjunction with Long View’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) that secures the Microsoft cloud ecosystem of Office365, Azure, and Windows Defender ATP, leverages Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel technology.


digital defence user shield

Why is it Better?

Sentinel + Proven Ruleset + 24×7 LVS SOC = Secure O365
User Shield

  1. Only Microsoft Sentinel can integrate to O365 this seamlessly!
  2. Our experts ensure your O365 configuration is secure at onboarding.
  3. Our unique ruleset was developed for national banks.
  4. Long View’s Security Operations Center monitoring proven for over two years.


Five Unbeatable Reasons
Why You Should Choose User Shield

Digital Defence Highlights

  1. Onboarding process ensures optimal O365 configuration
  2. Microsoft Sentinel SIEM at the core
    • A leading-edge tool to process, learn, alarm, and automate
      your O365 threats
  3. Rules and Filters created by experts and proven in the field
    • Developed and proven for national banks
    • Rules constantly evolving for the latest threats
    • Filters to avoid noise and ensure Alarms are always actionable
  4. Long View’s Security Operations Center monitoring 24×7
    • Eyes on Glass, watching for anomalies in your O365 domain
    • Ready to Triage or consult as necessary
  5. Simple to turn up, long term cost savings

There is simply no better tool than Microsoft’s Sentinel to secure O365.
There is no better team to develop than Microsoft’s Partner of the Year!
microsoft partner of the year

Ready To Get Started?

Our Digital Defence experts are ready to tailor our security service solutions to fit your business needs.

Digital Defence Experts

Through our team of highly skilled individuals whose deep expertise in serving national banks and airlines we are ready to engage with you to perform security and risk assessments, evaluate and baseline your environment, help develop a roadmap to securing your networks and critical infrastructure as well as enable you to achieve specific certification or compliance frameworks.

Digital Defence Experts
Active Defence

Active Defence integrates with your networks (firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc.), monitoring Syslog and critical telemetry data for real-time analysis against known threats and security vulnerabilities.
Active Defence correlates and identifies suspicious activity for our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to alert you and respond immediately.

Digital Defence Experts
System Fortification

System Fortification makes available the best security technologies the industry has to offer. We can help you make the best selection given your business needs and help to implement resulting in a “no-regret investment”.