Active Defense

Active Defense – Detect Respond

Active Defense integrates with your networks (firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc.), monitoring Syslog and critical telemetry data for real-time analysis against known threats and security vulnerabilities.
Active Defense correlates and identifies suspicious activity for our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to alert you and respond immediately.

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The steps we take to “ACTIVATE” your defense:

  • Long View integrates to client networks by forwarding all critical logging and telemetry to a virtualized data-collector and then to our SIEM for 24×7 monitoring by our highly trained Security Operations Center staff.
  • Our SIEM evaluates Billions of client logging events each month against threat feeds and a proven ruleset to identify and alarm of anomalies in the network in near real-time.
  • Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts will investigate and triage Alarms from the SIEM, and where human intervention is required they will respond to critical alarms as defined by your customer specific Security Incident Response Plan.
  • Our SOC is highly trained and can help make the best recommendations for containment and remediation. In cases where the client is fully-managed by Long View, we will work with the Long View resource to take the most appropriate actions possible for a speedy recovery.


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Long View’s 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC) is a key part of our extensive Managed Services offering portfolio and essential for any organization’s ability to Detect and Respond. Without SIEM or SOC surveillance, organizations risk a compromise going undetected for weeks or even months. Statistics have proven that a compromise can occur in merely 8 minutes, while the most harmful threats have existed for over 6 months on average.

Key Advantages to the Long View Managed Services Offering

How Long View helps one of North America’s oldest and busiest rapid transit “systems” stay securely on the rails

Some of the key advantages to the Long View Managed Services offering include:

  1. Better resource utilization – With Long View, your in-house IT staff and resources are able to focus on projects supporting your core business objectives.
  2. Improved performance – You will benefit from reduced downtime, enhanced performance, and increased technical skills – resulting in heightened business effectiveness.
  3. Measurable cost savings – Cut IT related labor costs and eliminate costly infrastructure and senior support, while maintaining an improved standard of reliability.

When it comes to your Active Defense, we walk our own talk

iso/iec 27001/2013

ISO/IEC 27001/2013

Long View has been certified by BSI to ISO/IEC 27001 under certificate number IS 670324.

Certification Scope: The management of information security for the protection of customer information associated with the Managed IT Services (MITS) and Public Cloud Service offerings in accordance with the Statement of Applicability Version 1.1.


SOC1/SSAE 18 Type II Report

This report is used by service providers to audit and validate relevant controls used by customers outsourcing critical services. The report includes a listing and audited validity of a wide array of controls (managed services and cloud infrastructure and service model, corporate governance, HR controls…), and audits these controls over a defined time span (Long View pursues a full year audit – the maximum possible).

The primary purposes of SOC reports is to support and confirm audit control requirements (i.e. SOX) of Long View customers though it is also used to document and confirm the design of operational controls and validate they are being employed effectively.

PCI DSS certification

When it comes to fortifying your systems and infrastructure, our strength is your strength.

Due to the stringent security controls and the perceived difficulty to achieve this designation, holding PCI DSS certification demonstrates to our customers that their sensitive and proprietary data is safe and secure within the Long View service model.

Ready To Get Started?

Our Digital Defense experts are ready to tailor our security service solutions to fit your business needs.

Digital Defense Experts

Through our team of highly skilled individuals whose deep expertise in serving national banks and airlines we are ready to engage with you to perform security and risk assessments, evaluate and baseline your environment, help develop a roadmap to securing your networks and critical infrastructure as well as enable you to achieve specific certification or compliance frameworks.

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Digital Defense Experts
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Digital Defense Experts
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System Fortification makes available the best security technologies the industry has to offer. We can help you make the best selection given your business needs and help to implement resulting in a “no-regret investment”.

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