Digital Defense

Digital Defense

digital defense Securing Your Organization in An Unsecure World

  • According to the 2019 Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) survey, 71 percent of all organizations have experienced at least one cyber attack in the past year.
  • Whether you are a small to medium-size business owner or executive of an FP 500 company, the consequences of these attacks are significant. From lost time to respond, the cost of repair and recovery, and the damage to the reputation of your business brand, you need to act. But how?
  • Starting with our 5-Point assessment methodology, we will work with your business to demystify the process of securing your environment by building a road map to get and keep you in a better and safer place!
  • Through of comprehensive and effective portfolio of products and services ranging from Experts to User Shield we work with the industry’s best partners to deliver leading technology, managed SIEM & SOC services that are trusted by national banks and international airlines.

Client Successes

Regardless of your industry sector, Long View has a complete and comprehensive understanding of the complexities of existing and emerging IT architectures and the applications that run on them.
With this in mind, we invite you to check out these case studies, including our most recent
client success story EQ Bank.

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Digital Defense

Predict – Prevent – Detect Respond, Long View’s Continuous Improvement Cycle with User Shield is the anchor solution in our Digital Defense Portfolio.

Whether you are a small-medium Business or a large Enterprise, Long View has the answers and solutions to secure your business all the time, every time and everywhere. long view digital defense

Digital Defense Experts Experts

Through our team of highly skilled individuals whose deep expertise in serving national banks and airlines we are ready to engage with you to perform security and risk assessments, evaluate and baseline your environment, help develop a roadmap to securing your networks and critical infrastructure as well as implementing and integrating technologies into your environments.

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Digital Defense Experts Active Defense

Active Defense integrates with your networks (firewalls, routers, switches, servers, etc.), monitoring Syslog and critical telemetry data for real-time analysis against known threats and security vulnerabilities.
Active Defense correlates and identifies suspicious activity for our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to alert you and respond immediately.

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Digital Defense Experts System Fortification

System Fortification makes available the best security technologies the industry has to offer. We can help you make the best selection given your business needs and help to implement resulting in a “no-regret investment”.

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Digital Defense Experts User Shield NEW!

User Shield, a Microsoft Azure Sentinel Technology, is designed to vigilantly watch the Microsoft ecosystem of Office 365, Azure, Defender, and CAS. If your organization is using this modern workforce of applications and cloud services, User Shield is a must.

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Digital Defense Highlights

Five unbeatable reasons to partner with Long View: Digital Defense Highlights

You should consider Long View if you are a current customer of Long View Systems, which may allow you to benefit from bundling discounts when you add security services.

– IDC MarketScape – Canadian Security Services 2019

Microsoft has more security people working for them than we have employees. Microsoft is just good at what they do, and we relied on both their and Long View System’s expertise to reach our project and business outcomes,”

– Dan Dickinson, CIO and Senior Vice President of EQ Bank.

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