Cyber Security

Cyber Security

 100% Protection Against Known Threats


No matter the size of your business, Cybersecurity is a necessity.  Did you know that most security attacks today are targeted with a motive of financial gain?  Even worse is that in the case of ransomeware attacks – many businesses pay their attackers to have their systems restored.  We can help protect you – not just with technology, but with real people watching over your systems and business.




CyberWatch is an additional layer of protection that compliments your existing security environment. Talk to your Long View Account Manager about CyberWatch today to add another level of defense between your business, and the hackers that are trying to attack.


Think of your IT security environment as your house. The builder that puts the windows and doors in is separate from the alarm company, and both are separate from the police that respond if someone tries to break in. Your IT security is similar – each piece has specialists, and few companies can offer you the full range of security coverage. Long View has built a security practice around just this idea – we have the experts and ability to give you end-to-end coverage. CyberWatch is the alarm system component of Long View Security. It can be integrated with the full complement of Long View offerings, or utilized as a standalone service to overlay your existing security measures.

CyberWatch searches your entire environment for potential attacks by utilizing automated monitoring to flag and escalate threats, allowing a high volume of potential vulnerability points to be constantly monitored. Potential attacks are then flagged and reviewed in real time – 24/7/365, by a Long View security expert in our Security Operations Center.




CyberTrust complements our CyberWatch services by extending protection to all of your end points.  Backed by Microsoft threat intelligence we incorporate threat data from billions of sources and combine it with machine learning to provide unprecedented protection.


Protection is more affordable than you think!





CyberExpert is our in-house security consultancy.  Some of the things we can help with are:

IT Risk Assessments


Penetration Testing

Threat Risk Prioritization

Audit Preparation and Compliance Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Security Program Roadmapping

Not sure where to start or maybe you’re already down a path and need support.  CyberExpert is a great resource to lean on.