Adopt the new world quickly and safely




Cloud computing is well into its 2nd decade and has become an expected approach in almost any IT consideration.

The benefits cloud provides are straightforward:

·         Increased speed to market;

·         Broader geographic distribution;

·         Agility and scalability;

·         Reduced business risk; and,

·         Predictable cost forecasting.

Despite the benefits, it’s often difficult for organizations to evaluate, select and manage the right mix of cloud technology.  OneCloud is a single fully managed solution designed to address cloud workloads that reside in both public and on-premises environments.  We also host our own private cloud with a number of useful solutions under our OneCloud OnDemand brand.





On average over 1000 new customers sign up for Microsoft Azure every day.  Here at Long View we’re experts at getting the most from a public cloud solution.  We’ll help you move faster, do more as well as accurately predict and manage your costs.



As an award winning Microsoft partner, we’re uniquely positioned to help.  Whether it’s a small test project or a global product launch.





On Premises


An on premise private cloud is often the first step toward the digital transformation of your organizations systems and applications.

We have significant expertise in helping organizations optimize their workloads for the cloud.  We’re also authorized by 200+ technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco, HPE and NetApp.








OneCloud OnDemand


Long View’s on-demand cloud is our own privately hosted solution.  With data centers located in Calgary, Toronto and Denver we’re able to take on almost any application that your business may need.  Typical examples include:

  • Storage and Backup;
  • CRM/ERP Solutions; and,
  • Disaster Recovery





A 100 Year Promise


At Long View we view ourselves as a 100 year company, where each new day represents another 100 years into the future.  That’s how we view our cloud product – we understand that technology changes, but we’ll always be there to help you make sense of the complexity and help you deliver business productivity.

Our experience speaks for itself:

  • We supported a $2.6 billion acquisition integration in 90 days using our cloud solutions without disrupting business.
  • A major utility company leaned on our expertise and transformed their operations with our hybrid cloud solution.