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Our solutions are aimed at outcomes for your organization; this is why we’re pleased to provide our clients access to a focused applications practice.

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to help business achieve more and see tangible outcomes from the investments they make in technology.   We’ve identified some key areas that have helped our clients achieve outcomes that are important to them.  Although our expertise is much broader than what you see here, this is a great starting point to understand what’s possible when you choose Long View.


Document Management


Every organization (including yours) has some form of document management.  For most, this is a very necessary yet incredibly time consuming activity.  However, with an effective document management system team members can focus on more important activities while having access to critical information at their fingertips.




We have the right expertise along with the best technology solutions from the world’s top providers.  Document management is far more than Sharepoint or Document Cloud  – as powerful as those applications are; it’s the process and employee buy-in that make the strategy successful.



Operations Management Services


Every dollar invested in a CRM solution returns as much as $8.71 in increased revenue.


Ultimately a good CRM solution will help an organization respond effectively to changing customer desires and preferences, which will bolster revenue and retention while reducing marketing costs. Long View helps our clients leverage and adopt Dynamics 365 as part of a digital transformation to realize these benefits. Such a solution provides the most value when applied to processes that are vital to a company’s competitive advantage.


Rather than using an outdated or manual system to track and manage important information and processes, Dynamics 365 simplifies and automates much of the process by reducing the number of screens and applications a knowledge worker needs to interact with. It also replaces some of the guesswork with sales forecasting and rudimentary reporting on manual Excel spreadsheets, instead standardizing formulas, processes, and data models for consistent and insightful analytics.


Long View designs Dynamics 365 solutions to capture the right data throughout a business process and then leverage that data for decision analysis and insights. We start by thoroughly understanding your business model and business processes to identify how information flows through your organization, what functions are involved and dependant on each other, and what are the triggers or exceptions to a process. From there we design the functional solution, user experience, Dynamics 365 processes, and data analytics dashboards we will customize to deliver the intended value to your business.


Client Success


We’ve recently helped one of our clients to enhance its internal enhance Sales Management processes with adding a new BID/Contract Management feature set to their existing Dynamics 365 application.

The new BID Management application Integrates processes from Lead to Contract, Contract to Billing and finally Job Execution to Financial Reporting.

The main objectives of this project are:

• Business performance improvement
• Streamline the sales process by reducing manual information handling, allowing the sales to spend more time with customers and reducing duplicate effort and errors in the Lead-to-Billing cycle.
• Enable decision-making
• Provide a complete picture of a customers lifecycle with Precision Drilling and allow for on-demand reporting capabilities to support business decisions.
• Improved data management systems
• Provide better data quality and compatibility for reporting without need for manual data cleansing and manipulation by linking various standalone data sets.
• Improved insights and information
• Improve data accessibility and provide additional/automated system and sale KPI’s to help measure and drive sales.
• Standardized, integrated processes and systems
• Eliminate organizational silos to provide holistic view into the entire Lead-to-Billing customer service cycle.

The solution also helps our client to see the upcoming bids for each rig and rigs without any upcoming opportunity and let them create offering packages according to rig availability.



Data and Advanced Analytics Services


Every dollar invested in an analytics solution resulted in a $13.01 return on investment (ROI)


Data has quickly become a rich asset for organizations and potential sources to create competitive advantages and new business models. Gaining insights from data is a challenge, yet there are toolsets available to help and organization report on data through dashboards and gain insights by performing advanced analytics. Dashboards and advanced analytics can help businesses improve operational processes and decision analysis related to fraud detection, financial analysis, market trends, production efficiency, and customer relationships.


Our expertise primarily focuses on Microsoft Power BI for the front-end dashboards and reports that end-users interact with, and Microsoft Azure’s Data Platform such as SQL Server Data Warehouse, Data Factory, and Data Catalog to prepare and store the data. We help our clients leverage Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with R-Server for advanced analytics and statistical analysis of data for greater insights into trends and relationships.

Long View designs reporting and advanced analytics solutions around asking the right questions and gathering the right insights from the data. We start by thoroughly understanding your business model and business processes to identify how information flows through your organization, what events triggers decisions, and what metrics describe the state of the business. We identify metrics by analyzing the strategic drivers and lead indicators for your business, determine business questions to ask of the data related to planning, budgeting, controlling, managing, and improving organizational performance. From there we design the functional solution, required data transformations, and the scorecard and dashboards to deliver the intended value to your business.