Service Delivery

I had the pleasure of attending Long View’s 2014 Fiscal Kick-off – and this is one of my favorite events for a reason. Not only is it amazingly well organized, but I also find it energizing to be around the revenue engine of our company.

During Kick-off I was encouraged to try something new. Road biking. Although I have ridden mountain bikes extensively and am an avid cycle commuter, road biking was something new to me.

I could not have asked for better stewards for my first rides:  Alex Stieda, Michael Kochorek and Gord Mawhinney. Each morning we would set out for an hour long ride prior to the busy day of sessions. I marveled at the efficiency and power great cyclist can ride with. What I did not realize is how important the subtleties of communication and team work is during a ride.

As the leader of the group, you pull your mates along in a draft. When you tire, your team mate taps you aside and you fall back into line to recover as the next leader pulls the team forward. The lead cyclist has a responsibility to communicate about debris on the road or status of street lights. There is a passing of information along the line as you ride to ensure the whole team is aware of the surroundings.

When one team mate isn’t in sync (in this case me, who could not keep up on the hills) disaster can strike. Just ask Michael.

This got me to thinking about Service Delivery and the importance of engaging the full Long View team for Service Delivery success.

It is an obvious statement to suggest that great service delivery relies on competent, well trained consultants. But it’s the subtleties that will determine the success of any service delivery engagement if we are to create lasting relationships with our customers. In fact, service delivery success starts from the first meeting between the customer and our sales people. It continues as our architecture or procurement groups get involved in delivery of a quotation. Engagement of management, could be service delivery, sales management or executives, at the appropriate time fosters additional engagement points for our customers. These are all critical steps to ensuring world class service delivery.

I would challenge each of you, in your role today, to determine how you contribute to excellent service delivery and who else should you engage to round out the team.  I would be pleased to be part of any of your current or future service delivery engagements.