Haiti Trip Feb 2015

Traveling to Haiti is not new to me. I have been many times before, with the most recent trip being just this month. This time, I returned with an experienced medical team, electrical team, and a construction team, as well as 3 other Long View team members. While in Haiti, we worked with two U.S. based organizations – Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM) and Team Tassy. The mission objectives were to run a medical clinic, provide medical education workshops for two local Haitian clinics, complete an electrical wiring project at a high school being built and build a house.

Haiti Trip 2015

The medical team, as always, provided first class patient care. The medical community in Haiti was vastly affected by the Jan 12, 2010 earthquake. Hospitals and clinics were destroyed and many local medical professionals relinquished their patients to groups of incoming medical teams and volunteers from across the globe.  Although they’re extremely grateful for the assistance, this has created a deficiency in the medical community (especially over the past 2-3 years). Our long term goal is to help build up this capacity with the local health care providers and provide sustainable solutions. With this in mind we ran medical education workshops that were well received by the local Haitian health care providers, covering topics such as CPR, basic emergency care management, sepsis, hypertension, and salmonella. The electrical team from a local electric company here in Calgary once again exceeded expectations by wiring a whole floor of a high school being built, as well as checking and fixing minor issues. They are tremendous assets to our team and have added real value to the projects they’ve been involved with over the past 3 years.

The plan for the construction team was to build a house but when we arrived, we found that the house was already near completion! We shifted our energy to help build a high school, which HOM (Haiti Outreach Ministries) hopes to open in September 2015. The team worked tirelessly, and gave 100% of whatever energy level they had. We completed an incredible amount of work.

On behalf of the team, HOM and Team Tassy, I’d like to thank all at Long View who have supported this initiative right from the beginning. It is people like you who make this possible.

Check out more pictures from our trip at #haitproject2015 on Twitter and Instagram.