Search For Fun

Welcome to my first blog post for Long View! I’ve taken it upon myself to be the somewhat unofficial reporter for our office’s Fun Patrol and wanted to share the kinds of things we’re planning in Vancouver.

Those reading this that are familiar with Long View and our culture will know what Fun Patrol is, but for anyone that is new to life at Long View, here’s a little background on why we have a Fun Patrol.

Fun is one of our core values and something we try to put into everything we do, whether it’s during our regular office hours or something special we’ve planned after work. When I first started at Long View this idea really surprised me. I’d read of progressive tech companies in Silicon Valley that had many more open ideas about how people work best, but I’d never encountered that directly. Sure, lots of places tell their staff they want them to be happy and have fun, but how many put that into the core values? Not very many!

The Vancouver office Fun Patrol Committee is made up of 13 Long View employees from various practices. We meet once a month and each month a different committee member runs that meeting. That person will suggest an activity and coordinate the details to make it happen. Some months we will have more than one event, like during the holidays, for example.

We always try to vary what we do so that as many people in the office as possible can participate, and often we will incorporate a charity to support. Recently we’ve gone bowling, had a board games night, and gathered together to watch World Cup soccer. Coming up this summer we’ve got a BBQ planned, as well as a lawn bowling event.

Attending a Fun Patrol event is a great way to meet more of the people you work with, and to take a bit of a breather from the hard work we all do. The people that work at Long View are dedicated and passionate about their career – we are trusted to use our skills to accomplish our jobs. Allowing staff to take some downtime to recharge, even if it’s during the workday, makes for happier, healthier people. I can tell that by just by looking around me.