Cycling Gran Fondo 2014

Cycling. It’s in my blood. In my many years of cycling, first as a newspaper boy in the 70’s, then budding amateur in the early 80’s, to a professional in late 80’s and 90’s and now as a ‘recreational enthusiast’, I’ve seen many different cycling trends come and go. This time around though, I think that the road cycling world is here to stay for a long time. Many baby-boomers cannot run any longer and the simple thrill of riding a bike has taken over their imagination.

Cycling may not be in Long View’s blood, but it certainly has become part of our corporate DNA. Every year we become more and more inspired by and committed to this dynamic sport, which is quickly becoming (in my opinion) the “new golf.” Whether it’s the wind in our hair, the incredible sense of the camaraderie or the physical challenges, cycling is just another way that we’re able to enjoy the views and show people what we’re made of.

As a highly collaborative company that supports its partners and its people, we know there’s no “I” in team.  We work together, play together, and when a cycling event comes up, we ditch our desks and hit the pavement – together. From the many employees who ride in the Ride to Conquer Cancer and partners and clients like ATB and Enbridge who generously sponsor events, it’s a sport that has a lot to give for those who like to give’r.

One of our favourite cycling events, which we’ve also had the privilege of participating in, is the GranFondo Whistler. Like the GranFondo Banff and Gran Fondo Highwood Pass, the Whistler ride is a rewarding challenge that features steep climbs, long distances and over 7,000 cyclists from around the globe – all on a dedicated lane of the beautiful Seas to Sky highway. It’s a premier cycling event where executives get to take leadership, support and challenges out of the boardroom and onto the pavement.

The real thrill for me is in the power of the collective – where riders truly make the ride. As one cyclist leads, another slides back and then, again, lets another teammate pick up the pace. It’s a great example of how hard work is easier when you go through things as a team. Each rider contributes in his or her own way, making the ‘race’ that much more fun to take part in. It also helps that each tough day is followed by a pretty spectacular dinner and great conversation.

We want to thank everyone for being part of these events, which mean a great deal to us personally and to the very heart of Long View. As we anxiously wait for the next opportunity to participate in a cycling event or watch one, we can continue to move head as a united team. And if we happen to face a tough day, let’s make sure we finish it with a spectacular dinner and great conversation too.

Here are the cycling events we participated in this year:

  • Tour of Alberta (Calgary to Edmonton, AB) – Sept 2-7  Long View and Cisco sponsored event.